Accountancy firms

As accountant you are the advisor and counselor of your clients. You have frequently been asked for your advice about pensions and other income related provisions.

In order to answer pension issues you have to dig deep into the substance of the matter.

Pension and the legislation has become more complex over the years. Therefore it is hard to keep your knowledge about pensions up to date. At the same time your client expects a professional advice.

We are your business partner when it comes to pensions.

Our services may consist of the following:
Collective pension scheme
We approach pensions for employees also from the audit role of the auditor. In such cases we focus on the audit task of the auditor on behalf of the audit and compilation practice. The pension provision on behalf of employees represent the largest liability of a legal entity. Hence, extra attention is required considering article 2:362 of the Civil Code.

We have developed some instruments that may support you as accountant/auditor in advising your client. In addition, we may help you with more complicated issues.

Our services may consist of: