Law firms

As a lawyer you act as a counselor for your clients. Like every advisor you have sometimes been approached with questions that do not belong to your core discipline. Pension issues may be an example of this. For example the consequences of a merger and subsequently changing the pension executor or the pension commitment.

Nevertheless you want to help your client with his question that needs attention at that moment. The service of Pensioen Plus offers an excellent solution. You can make use of our services as external expert to resolve issues on behalf of your clients. It is possible to work on behalf of you or your client depending on the issue. Naturally we meet all WFT requirements which are imposed on pension advisory firms. In this way our advice will always comply with the directives second pillar pension advice published by the Dutch Authority of Financial Markets.

Solving an issue together in a structured efficient manner. That is what Pensioen Plus stands for.

Pensioen Plus can also provide professional support in issues concerning cases of divorce.

Our services may consist of the following:
Communication and training
Together with Pensioendidact a training programme has been developed especially for advisors (lawyers and mediators) that have to deal with divorce cases on a daily basis. Our training programma has been positively evaluated. By following this training programme you can obtain the required study hours.

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